This Week in World War One, 29 June 1917








The accompanying photo is of Private T.H. Pattison, whose wife has just received information, that he has been admitted into the casualty clearing station in France suffering from wounds in the arm and back. Before enlisting he carried on the business of painter, having succeeded his father the late Johnson Pattison. He joined up on September, 1916, and was put into the 3rd K.O.S.B’s at Duddingston. After some time there he went to Dreghorn and attached to the A. and S. Highlanders. He was brought back to Duddingston and transferred to the Seaforths, from there to Blairgowrie, then to France, where he has been for 4 months. We trust that his wife may soon receive favourable news of him. His wife is the youngest sister of Mr Thomas Grey, Tweedmouth, and resides at 12 Parade, Berwick.




Berwick Volunteers – Good progress continues to be made in rifle and other drill by the various platoons, while the physical exercises are also being enthusiastically taken up by the younger members. At the close of one of the last drills Capt. C. L. Fraser, V. D., commanding officer, took occasion to advert to the irregularity in attendance of many of the younger members, expressing the earnest hope that due attention would be made to remedy this fault. He also trusted that every effort would be made to increase the membership of the Berwick Company. Good as the response had been for the Borough, it was still evident that there were a goodly number of men of military age who had not identified themselves with the Corps. He hoped every member would taken it as an instruction form him to personally interview eligible men who up to the present had not identified themselves with the Company, and insist on a reasonable and a satisfactory explanation for their failure to join up.

Scremerston Band’s Patriotic Work – On Sunday afternoon last, by permission of the Local Authority, Scremerston Brass Band discoursed a programme of scared music at Berwick Band Stand, on the Walls to a large and appreciative audience.

The Scremerston Colliery Band 1910. © Berwick Record Office, BRO 1753-2a.

A collection was taken up on behalf of Berwick Patriotic Fund, the sum of £6 3s 6d being realised. We trust that this will only be a forerunner of many other musical treats provided by Bandmaster Whitfield and his highly trained instrumentalists.

Early Potatoes – Several allotment holdiers in the town and district have been digging the first earlies from their potato plots during the past week, and for size and quality the young tubers are well up to standard. It will be another month, however, before potatoes, to any great extent, are on the market from local growers. The new allotments at Violet Terrace are looking exceptionally fine, and should all well produce an abundant return.

Grammar School Rambling Club – On Saturday, June 23rd, the Rambling Club cycled to Wooler. There the party of fourteen divided, seven visiting the “Happy Valley,” and the rest setting out to climb the Cheviot: this was prevented by mist, but a good height was reached and the climbers had a fine view over the surrounding country, and the mountain provided plenty of scope for nature study.

Street Accident – About 4.50 on Wednesday afternoon Mary Fryer, widow, residing in Narrow Lane, Berwick, was cycling down Church Street, and in trying to avoid a boy she swerved on to the pavement. She had the misfortune to knock down Mrs Colin Campbell, and continuing her course she went through a plate glass window of Mr Campbell, tailor, situated in the ladies’ department.

Church Street, 1906. BRO 0426-338 (C) Berwick Record Office.

When Mrs Fryer was picked up she was found to be slightly cut about the head and suffering from severe bruises to her left knee. She was attended to by Dr C. L .Fraser, V.D., at the police station, and he ordered her removal to the Infirmary. She was conveyed there in the ambulance by P.C. Watt.


This Week in World War One, 15 June 1917






Berwick Lad Seriously Injured by Motor Tractor. – On Wednesday afternoon James Swan (18), apprentice motor mechanic, residing at 21 Wallace Green, Berwick, employed by the Berwick Garage Company, Hide Hill, met with serious injuries at the farm of East Ord, while working a motor tractor plough. The lad, who is presently employed by the Food Production Department, had been doing something to the machinery while in motion, when a portion of his coat, which was not buttoned, was caught, and he was dragged in among the wheels.

Engraving of Berwick Infirmary HB1-68 late 19th Century

He sustained severe injuries before the machine could be stopped, his left arm being broken at the elbow, while his head, which struck one of the large wheels, was cut open. Dr C. G. Maclagan was driven out by Mr H. E. Blackney, manager of the Berwick Garage, and attended to the lad’s injuries. Five stitches had to be inserted in the wound on the head. The lad was afterwards conveyed to the Berwick Infirmary, where he is progressing as well as can be expected.

Grammar School Rambling Club.- On Saturday, June 2nd, a cycle run to St. Abbs took place; the party of nineteen went out by Burnmouth, Eyemouth and Coldingham, and after the ramble from the village were very kindly shown through the Lighthouse, a novel and interesting experience. After a visit to the “landing” and bathe, the return was by Ayton, the party reaching Berwick in the evening. On Saturday, June 9th, a visit was paid to Holy Island, the party again numbering nineteen, going through the Priory and Church, then visiting the caves and sands on the north shore returning from the snook.

(C) BRO 1865-17 Lindisfarne Priory

Fine weather and a merry party (including boys from Cornhill, Paxton, and Ancroft as well as from the Borough, and a master) made the excursion a most enjoyable one. The next outing will probably take place on June 23rd.

Military Wedding at Berwick.- Yesterday afternoon an interesting military wedding was solemnised in Berwick Parish Church, the contracting parties being Miss Hilda Shield, daughter of Mr and Mrs Shield, Golden Square, and Second- Lieut. Ralph Hedley of the Machine Gun Corps, youngest son of the Ralph Hedley, North Shields.The best man was the bridegroom’s brother, Captain John Herbert Hedley, of the Lincolnshire Regiment, who is presently home on leave from France, while the bridesmaids were Miss Edith Hornsby of Durham, and Miss Dora Shields, sister of the bride.

Berwick Parish Church (c) John Box

Following the ceremony the brides’ parents held a reception in the Long Room of the Corn exchange when a large number of guests were entertained. The presents received were numerous and valuable, and included several cheques.

No Trip to Spittal this Year.- The annual meeting of Sunday School teachers connected with the various churches was held in the Session house of St. John’s U.F. Church, Kelso, on Wednesday evening at the close of the intercessory service. The minute of last meeting having been read and approved, the Chairman stated that the business before the meeting was to consider whether a picnic should be provided for the children this summer. The food restrictions which had been in operation until lately would have left them no choice in the mater, but Sunday School picnics were now permissible under certain conditions. After discussion it was unanimously agreed that it would be wise, in view of all the circumstances to have no picnic this summer.

Sunday School Scholars Kindly Gift.- An interesting ceremony took place at the Berwick Public Bowling Green on Tuesday evening, when two invalid chairs were handed over for the use of wounded soldiers frequenting the green. The chairs were the gift of the Sunday school children and teachers of Castlegate Baptist Church, and bore the following inscriptions :- “For the use of wounded Soldiers, from Castlegate Baptist Church Sunday school, with gratitude and good wishes.”


The Committee wish to make it known that wounded soldiers may play on the green, free of charge, and other soldiers at the reduced rate of 1d. The well-appointed green is also open to all who care to come and watch the play.

War Time Cookery.- It will be observed from our advertising columns that a public meeting is to be held in the Queen’s Rooms, Berwick, on Thursday evening, 21st June, for the purpose of providing a course of lessons and demonstrations in war time cookery for women without payment of any fee. An address is to be given by Miss Howman, superintendent of domestic subjects under the Northumberland County Education Committee, and the Mayoress will preside to which all are cordially invited. He hour of meeting is 7pm.